Your Garden Could Use Some More Colorful Plants

Your Garden Could Use Some More Colorful Plants

Take a look at our perennial flowers for sale in St. Charles, MO

Evergreen trees and shrubs can certainly make your yard look beautiful year-round, but you need more than just greenery to boost your curb appeal. Fonseca's Farm & Greenhouses carries a wide selection of local flowers for sale in St. Charles, MO.

Consider picking up more than just spring and summer blooms for your garden. You can make your yard look attractive year-round by...

  • Planting cold-resistant flowers, which can bloom in frosty conditions
  • Setting out corn stalks and hay bales, which will go perfectly with your fall d├ęcor
  • Planting other perennials, which you can replace in the spring to add variety to your garden

Stop by our nursery in St. Charles, MO today to browse our selection of perennial flowers for sale.

Not sure what flowers to plant?

Ask a staff member to recommend annual flowers for sale. We can help you decide what type of flowers would thrive in your yard, based on factors like soil conditions and the amount of sunlight.

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Come check out our...

  • Hardy Mums - Excellent fall plant loves this new chilly weather. We are known for our largely grown Hardy Mums in our 10" pots. We grow them in our classic 4'' pots same colors as large. Also Available in 12'' and 10" Hanging Baskets, and 16'' XL Potted Mums Single Color or Triple Color.

    • We grow them in two shades of every color available for mums! We even combine two colors in one pot for our lucky first come customers.

  • Cockscomb - This fall plant thrives in the cool weather available in three colors!