Find Farm-Fresh Vegetables for Sale in St. Charles, MO

Find Farm-Fresh Vegetables for Sale in St. Charles, MO

Fonseca's Farm & Greenhouses sells homegrown produce, including 12 varieties of heirloom tomatoes

If you've visited a farmers market in St. Charles, MO, chances are you've passed the Fonseca's Farm & Greenhouses booth. You don't need to wait till the weekend to pick up homegrown produce though. Our local nursery is open daily from April through October.

We offer all kinds of fresh vegetables for sale, including...



  • Bunches of bell peppers - Habaneros, Serranos, Jalapenos, Red and Green Bell, Carolina Reaper, Scorpion Trinidad, Sweet and Hot Banana Peppers, Poblanos, Anaheim, Ghost, Cayenne, and Thai Peppers
  • Mounds of melons - Black Diamond Seedless Watermelons, Seeded Watermelons, Yellow seeded watermelons, also known as Yellow Doll, Homegrown large and small Cantaloupes
  • Texas sweet red and yellow onions and scallions 
  • Tons of Tomatoes - Canning Tomatoes, #1 Tomatoes, Cherry, Grape and Heirloom tomatoes
  • Countless cucumbers - Pickling Cucumbers and English Seedless cucumbers also available by half bushels or bushels. 
  • Plenty of Potatoes -  Red and Yellow Potatoes are always available. Sweet Potatoes are harvested and available during Fall Time
  • Homegrown Green Beans 
  • Homegrown Eggplant - Classic, Japanese, Sicilian, and White Eggplant
  • Free Range Eggs available year round
  • Raw Honey (Clover Honey) from our farm is available by the pound (lb).
  • Large Pumpkins and mini pumpkins
  • Gourds of all sizes, large and small
  • Fall Squash- Butternut, Acorn, and Spaghetti Squash





We also sell herbs.


Swing by Fonseca's Farm & Greenhouses today to pick up some of the freshest ingredients in town!








Bushels and half bushels available for your individual household or wholesale.

Please reach out to learn more about buying our produce by the bushel!

Come get yours today before they're gone!

We have a limited selection of fresh vegetables for sale in St. Charles, MO, so you don't want to dawdle. Call 636-515-5188 now to find out if we have your favorite homegrown produce in stock.